Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's A Plane!!!

All day I could hear a plane looping back and forth all around town.  First I heard it to the West, then North, then South, back in the West, now its in the East.  After listening to it all day, thoughts start rolling through your mind.... what in the world is he doing all day?  Is he giving rides? Are they looking for someone who is lost? Are they dusting fields?  It is now later in the evening about an hour of daylight left and I noticed him off to the East again and fairly close.  I grabbed the camera and told Dear Hubby "Lets go for a ride!" 

So off we go in the direction that I saw the plane last and turn down some back country roads and all of a sudden over the tree tops.... there he is!

We drive down the road a little further to see if we can get a bit closer.

He was lining up for another round, but still I WANT TO GET CLOSER!!!

We saw him circling back around and realized he was heading for the field right beside us... we had front row seats!

He was so close that you could see the pilot in the plane, feel the rush of air as he passed over head, and hear the spray of rye seeds that he was planting.  While we were watching the plane, a neighbor pulled up and we were talking to him.  He said that they plant rye in the corn fields to help break up the soil after the crops are done?!?!?  At least that's what I got out of the conversation... I have a real problem with listening to people talking when I have my camera in my hand.  I'm always looking for that perfect shot.  I know its a bad habit, especially when my Dear Hubby has a bad memory and when I go to ask him what something was about he looks at me all dumbfounded  like I was the one that was suppose to be paying attention lol.

Anyways, back to the plane, he kept looping around and with every pass he would move over a little bit, covering the entire field.  He was flying a little too low and had to pull up for the tree a little bit, then dropped back down again.

After this pic he changed directions so he could hit the end of the rows and he had to pull up quick for the power line on the opposite side of the road.

He finished up this field and off to the next.  We parted ways with the neighbor guy and off down the road again.  We saw a cute little baby bunny sitting on the side of the road, too afraid to run away.

We turn around the corner and there was the plane again.

I got a couple pics of the sunset ...

... and one last pic of the plane as the sun was going behind the trees.

I'm glad that Dear Hubby and I took that ride and that we went around one last corner before heading home.  I never expected to get such great seats to a rare event that's usually seen from a distance.

Until next time ...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Denver Days Car Show Pt.2

As I mentioned in my previous post, dear Hubby and I went to the Denver Days Festival in Denver, IN.  It's a small town of around 500 people and the whole community shows up for it.  I had taken a bunch of pictures of the classic car show, but there were too many to put into one post, so here are the rest of them.

Again, I will try to put descriptions on as many as I can remember.


Chevrolet Caprice


Chevy Wagon

Dodge Dart


Ford Deluxe

Ford Mach 1

Ford Model A

Ford Roadster

Ford Thunderbird


Ford Galaxie 500

Pontiac GTO




Pontiac Grand Prix


I have a few favorites this time, starting with the Ford Roadster, the Ford Mach 1, the Ford Deluxe and the GTO.  What are your favorites?

Until next time ...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Denver Days Car Show

Yesterday dear hubby and I took a little ride to Denver, IN to partake in the Denver Days Festival.  Denver isn't a big town by any means.  It's home to maybe a little over 500 people, which I think made it the perfect festival.  I have never been a huge fan of big crowds which is why I say this was perfect!!! 

They had a nice little parade that circles the small town, venders set up on main street, carnival rides for the kids and one of my favorites was a classic car show set up in the field behind the carnival.  The whole community shows up for this yearly event and I was enjoying all of it.

I took pictures of just about every car in the show, which I would like to share with you.  I know Jack from Shipslog will love these, as he posts classic cars at the end of every one of his blogs.  I always look forward to what kind of car it will be that day!

I will try to list descriptions on as many as I can remember.

'29 Dodge Victory

'29 Ford Model A

'37 Dodge

 '46 Chrystler

'54 Chevy BelAir

'69 Camaro SS  with 350hp roarin' under that hood!  (Can you tell it was one of my favorites?) lol

 This is under the hood on the '69 Camaro, all chromed out and blue LEDs running around the engine.  Pure muscle running under this hood.  This guy put a lot of time and money into his car.  Granted, the chrome and the lights don't make this "classic" but it sure was pretty!!!!

'69 VW Maxi Taxi

'71 VW Beetle

'78 Lil Red Express
327 Impala SS

350 Camaro SS  I believe this was a '68

396 Chevelle SS



Ok, I know I am going on photo overload so I will have to split this up between a couple of posts.  I hope I remembered correctly on most of the descriptions, if not, please correct me and let me know. 

Until next time ...