Monday, July 1, 2013

Texas Trip

The other day I woke up to rain yet again and was pondering what to do . . . I know, I'll go through my pictures on the computer and get rid of some of the blurry ones that didn't turn out and the odd balls that don't really mean anything.  In the process I came across my pictures that I had taken this past February when I took a trip down to Texas with my parents to visit my Aunt.  Yesterday I posted some of the pics from the Bass Pro Shop and all the cool mounts that they have displayed in the store.  Today I think I will post about the Omni Imax Theater in downtown Fort Worth.

I don't know if you have ever been to an Omni Theater before, but they are very neat.  The screen is actually on the ceiling which is domed shaped to give you the 3D effect and makes you feel like you are a part of the movie.  The movie we saw was "Titanica."  It explained the history of the Titanic and how it was built and took you on an underwater trip inside the submarine that explored the Titanic for the first time after it sank.  All very cool and informative, well worth watching. 

This was actually my second time at an Omni Theater, the first was when I was in 8th grade for a class trip.  The class had gone to Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN.  We got to see "Swimming with the Sharks" on that trip.  The one thing I didn't remember was just how high and steep it is to get to your seats.  In St. Paul I had picked a seat down low but in Fort Worth, we had to have the best - top row in the center!  Because my Mom has such bad knees (from 6 knee surgeries), we asked if they possibly could take us up on the elevator to our seats.  When we stepped off of the elevator they took us down the hallway and into an opening with a darker hallway then BAM!  Into the theater HIGH above everyone else.  The people down below look like little ants, the seats are so steep that the row in front of you comes up to your shines  . . . I took 2 steps back and hugged the wall for a moment, letting it all sink in and trying to overcome my fear of heights.  After tip toeing to my seat I slithered in and didn't move until the movie was over.  During the movie the fear of heights had subsided a little and I was hooked on everything that was going on on the big screen.  After the movie when the lights come on that fear slapped my in the face again and all I could hope for was that I didn't tumble over the seats when I stood up.  Thankfully I had my footing and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Once outside I had to grab my camera and take some pics of the cool statues they have around the building.

I love the movie "The Grinch" so of course I had to get his pic.

This cool guy greeted you at the stairs up to the front entrance.

Colleen, I thought we told you that you had to leave your pets in the car!!!

I don't know what kind of building was across the street from the Omni, but they had some cool statues out front . . .

These are just a few of my pics from Texas, maybe tomorrow I will post some more!

Until next time . . .



~mel said...

See ~ I told you there was a reason for having bad knees ... it gets you the nosebleed seats!

Dar said...

sounds and looks like a great time...
love the Grinch. He is so coooool! And can you see the cowgirl and guy in Darcie's yard? She'd love it.
See you next wk end. can't wait!!!

Dar said...

shucks, they must not have allowed pictures in the Omni????
guess I'll have to go there, myself!