Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Denver Days Car Show Pt.2

As I mentioned in my previous post, dear Hubby and I went to the Denver Days Festival in Denver, IN.  It's a small town of around 500 people and the whole community shows up for it.  I had taken a bunch of pictures of the classic car show, but there were too many to put into one post, so here are the rest of them.

Again, I will try to put descriptions on as many as I can remember.


Chevrolet Caprice


Chevy Wagon

Dodge Dart


Ford Deluxe

Ford Mach 1

Ford Model A

Ford Roadster

Ford Thunderbird


Ford Galaxie 500

Pontiac GTO




Pontiac Grand Prix


I have a few favorites this time, starting with the Ford Roadster, the Ford Mach 1, the Ford Deluxe and the GTO.  What are your favorites?

Until next time ...


jack69 said...

I'm in love with the '30's red Dodge and the Blue 39/40 Deluxe Ford Coupe. But like when we were helping Shirl sell her Studebaker collection, she said take any one of them you want. I said I want them all! but I passed. but now in hind sight.........Oh well. so I love 'em all, That is rolling ART!

~mel said...

I have to agree with Jack ~ that IS rolling ART! I just love those old cars and I'm tickled pink how you've taken such a fancy to them too:)

Dicky Bird said...

I'm partial to Fords - I like the Mach 1 too.


LOVE that Dodge Dart. My family owned a Galaxie 500.

Cher' Shots said...

Love them all! Oh Sara, I would have loved to have been with you guys on this little walk through the past.
'love & hugs from afar'

Dar said...

lucky 4 you to admire and see such classics. Did you know I had a few of those but don't recall their yrs. I loved my VW Beetle. that baby had it's motor in the back and could Ms. Betty Boop ever plow through the MN. snow. I also had a blue Gran Prix and a gold Pontiac GTO, sure loved those old cars and regret replacing them. Bill had a turquoise Chevy Impala, I think it was a 67. He loved that ol gal, as he called her. And to this day, Darcie and Dale have a Camero, but it doesn't have a motor anymore...sad. They took it to Darcie's senior prom.
All beauties...and love that you love them as much.
Life is Good

Dar said...

I was wrong about the kids Camero. That was the car that Darcie won and sold...what they have is a 74 Grand Torino Sport without it's motor.
Life is Still Good