Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunday's Storms!

I'm sure everyone out there who watches the news has seen or heard about the major storms that came through the Midwest Sunday.  I didn't really realize until last night's news broadcast, just how close to home one of the many tornadoes were to home.  There were 3 different confirmed tornadoes that passed through Northern Indiana on Sunday, the largest being an EF-2, which was right straight east of me about 5-8 miles away... that explains why it sounded like a freight train coming through with all the wind and rain.  Our weather radio never sounded, the town's sirens never went off and it was announced on the news last night that no one even reported it until after it was all done.  They said it was so rain wrapped that the actual funnel was never sighted, but after reviewing the amount of damage done and the trajectory of it, it was a confirmed tornado.  Here is a picture I took last night of the news broadcast, showing the route of the tornado.  In the bottom left corner, is the town where I live (Akron) and Hwy 15 is only 8 miles down the road.

The other 2 confirmed tornadoes were not too far off either.  One was about 30 min West of us and the other about 45 min North.  Yesterday dear Hubby went into work early to be greeted at the door and sent home until his normal hours (2nd shift) because the power had been off all night and had just come back on only minutes earlier.  He said the boss met the 3rd shift crew in the parking lot the night before and sent everyone home and did the same with 1st shift.  There are still thousands of people without power, and it was reported that they could be without power up until about Thursday or Friday.  Thankfully our power only flickered a few times and only went out for a few seconds before coming right back on again.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the families that had damage done and are without power, and I thank the Good Lord for watching over everyone and keeping them safe.

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jack69 said...

We never wish a tragedy on anyone, but are glad when it is not us, that is for sure. In this case I am glad you did not know about it until after the fact. It is counter productive to say 'What if' but you cannot help it at times in your mind.
Thanks for the info, yes we did think of all you guys we know who were in harms way, so far we have not heard of any tragedies of friends.
Prayers for all affected, and God's speed in the recovery.

~mel said...

So happy that you were spared any damage. All the families affected though ~ tragic. They're in my prayers.

Montanagirl said...

Really glad the storms bypassed you. Tornadoes are so frightening and destructive. Kinda glad I live in Montana, although we've had tornadoes here as well, but not very often.


Our sirens went off here and two EF2 tornados touched down not that far away. It was bad for everybody.

Muffy's Marks said...

I am so happy to hear that you have no damage to report. I feel for those who's lives have been disrupted because of this storm. On a post note: another grouse hit our house yesterday, I intend to write a blog about it later in the week!!

Dar said...

The power of these storms is relentless but the power of prayer is a whole different ballgame, isn't it. I'm praying for all those caught up in the middle of those storms and prayers were already answered for your safety.
loveya sweetness niece of mine.
as for the project it's really nothing out of my ordinary.
Hint enough??? lol Lol LOL